Hexa creates
immersive experiences
for eCommerce and
metaverse applications

Hexa creates
immersive experiences
for eCommerce and Metaverse Applications

Already 3d arist with us
3d artists

By leveraging a proprietary 3D tech stack Hexa can create, manage, display, and analyze 3D projects of any size and complexity for AWS customers.

How It Works

From as little as one image, Hexa can create compelling immersive experiences that drive significant results and net new cloud consumption.


Working with AWS account teams Hexa creates a custom pitch for ICP customers
flexible schedule work


Hexa builds 3D models from as little as 1 image and integrates into online stores and apps
pay per model plan


94% Increase in conversion and
5-10% boost in online sales


New cloud consumption
per 3D model

The Hexa Difference

Powered by a human and machine combo, Hexa creates
3D assets at scale without ever sacrificing quality


Scale 3D
Achieve previously unattainable scale of 3Dprojects for brands, retailers, and tech platforms with Hexa on AWS.


Value Extraction
Extract maximum ROI from each 3D model by intelligently repurposing and delivering them for the widest variety of eCommerce, marketing and metaverse use cases.


AWS scalable cloud infrastructure enables customers to render high-quality marketing images and videos from Hexa’s 3D models. This minimizes the need for pollutive photo shoots and helps brands reach their sustainability goals


Innovative solutions create market leaders and Hexa provides access to the best-in-class. Visualize items from any angle, in any place, metaverse, game, or NFT gallery with Hexa and AWS.

Of consumers would shop more often if retailers used AR 1

Increase in conversion rate for products
with an AR preview 2

Use Cases

Our solutions becomes Your solutions

AR Chair

Augmented Reality

See products in your
own home or space

3D AR handbag model shot

Model Shots

Use 3D models to synthetically create advertising content

3D Rendered dining table

Style Shots

Use 3D models to synthetically create advertising content

Google AR SERP

Immersive Search

Enabling Google
immersive search

AWS Integration

AWS supports high-quality immersive experiences with cloud computing power. The real-time graphics compute infrastructure is especially important for generating and storing3D content and creating seamless virtual environments.

aws integration flow

The AWS elastic, rapidly scalable cloud infrastructure services that automatically keep pace with workload demands, are the backbone infrastructure that enables Hexa to create large-scale immersive experiences.

The evolution towards next-generation 3D UI for retailers and brands requires spatial computing to power interactive experiences. These advanced 3D technologies, combined with XR solutions, will bridge the online-offline gap and offer shoppers the realistic product experiences of the future.